What is the pod?
It is a bean bag with a bolt attachment for your camera or camcorder.

What kind of cameras will THE pod support?
All kinds. THE pod uses the industry standard ¼" x 20 mounting bolt which comes standard on all makes and models of consumer cameras.

Is it possible to alter the amount of filling in THE pod to accommodate my camera's needs?
Yes, the pod is sealed using a strong Velcro strip that can be opened and resealed as many times as you like. If you are traveling and want to take only the shell, not a problem, just empty out the contents then fill it up upon arrival with any other desired stuffing.
Why is it called THE RED pod or THE BLACK pod...etc?
This refers to the color of the vinyl used on the bottom of each model.
How much weight will THE pod support?
Lots, THE pod can be stepped upon by an average male and come out smiling.
Is THE pod OK in the rain?
Yes, the pod is made from sturdy nylon that is water resistant.
Why does the Velcro on the bottom open? Not all cameras are created equally. Access to the stuffing allows you to customize your pod. You will find it works best to have a flexible pod that can conform to surfaces and your camera. Does THE pod come with a warranty?
Yes, there is a one year manufacturer's warranty against defect.
Does THE pod make a good gift?
Yes, THE pod is the perfect gift for everyone. :)
Why is THE pod better than typical camera tripods?
THE pod is a great tripod alternative that is compact, strong, flexible, portable and simple. It can be taken anywhere and setup on virtually any surface. It has the stability that small tripods are lacking and can be used by anyone, even the non technically minded.
What is inside THE pod?
The contents are plastic pellets that are not bothered by moisture, temperature, dust…etc.

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